WE ARE BACK! MCCC 2022 is a GO!

It’s official! We are pleased to announce that Metropolitan Chinese Culture Camp registration begins on 3/1/2022.  Register by 4/15/2022 for the early bird discount for campers from ages 7-17 years old.  Camp dates for this season will be from 8/7/22 – 8/13/22.

The health and safety of our campers, volunteers, and everyone who helps make this program successful are our highest priority.  Working with Camp Eagle Hill, we will be following the guidelines issued by the New York State Health Department and the Center for Disease Control, to establish a safe and healthy environment for 2022. We will share more information with you about the 2022 MCCC Summer Camp program soon.  Please check back with us for updates.

讓您久等的「大紐約區中華文化夏令營」正式宣布今年的夏令營日期為 2022 年 8 月 7 日至 2022 年 8 月 13 日。計畫於2022 年 3 月 1 日開始報名。在 2022 年 4 月 15 日之前註冊,可享受早鳥優惠。

學員及工作夥伴的健康是我們的首要任務,我們正在積極與 Camp Eagle Hill 討論2022年夏令營相關事項。我們今年夏令營的規範也會依照紐約州衛生部,和疾病控制中心提供的夏令營建議為準則。我們將盡快與您分享更多的信息。請關注我們,獲取更新。