Registration Q&A

Q:  If I am sending three of my children to camp, one of them is in Leadership Program.  Do I still receive Sibling Discount?
A:  No. Because the fee for the Leadership Program is already discounted and no additional discounts shall apply.  Only regular campers are eligible for the sibling discount.  All 3 children must be from the same household. The 4th child and so on will also be eligible for the sibling discount.

Q:  Can I send the Medical Form on a later day?
A:  No. All documents must be submitted all at once along with the payment for registration. Medical Form can be from the year before. We won’t process any registration until all documents are included. Here are the documents that we need:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Photo of the camper so that we can easily identify the child.
  3. Medical Form A
  4. Medical Form B
  5. Check payable to MCCC
  6. Copy of health insurance card

Q:  Must the camper’s picture fit in the small square on the form?
A:  No. But the face of your child must be clear for us to see when we need to identify the proper medical form when emergency occurs.  Picture must be within one year because children look very different in one year of growth.

Q:  Can my child request to be with his/her friends in the same bunk?
A:  We will do our best to arrange for one or two of his/her friends to be in the same bunk.  To submit a request, please attach a separate note listing the child (max 2 friends) that your child wants to be with.  At the same time, please also ask the friend/s to do the same, so that we know that the friend has agreed to be grouped with your child.  In the case your child is the youngest in his/her friend group and is being grouped in a younger bunk, his/her friend/s must agree to be pulled back to the younger bunk.  Please understand that due to limited space for each bunk (max of 15 campers), we group them by age, so that they can enjoy the activities with campers whose age are close.  If we push your child up to be with his/her friends, that means we are pulling an older camper back to a younger bunk and mostly will upset the older camper.  I am sure your child wouldn’t want this to happen to him/her.

Q:  We have a group of girls that would like to camp together.  Is this possible ? Ages 8-12
A:  Our camp accepts children from age 7-15 years old with 60 boys and 60 girls maximum. We divide the children into 4 different age groups with the youngest in Bunk A to the oldest in Bunk D.  With all that said, we can’t put a group of ages 8-12 into one group.  The younger one will be most likely in Bunk A for ages 7-9, and so on.  The campers are grouped close in age so that they can do similar activities that are suitable for their ages.

Q:  Can I come to the camp as a volunteer or chaperon?
A:  Yes, we are accepting volunteers/chaperons at this time. If you are interested, please email us at “”. We will interview you before we can accept you as volunteer/chaperon.  As volunteer/chaperon, the camp will pay for your expense to stay at camp.  You don’t need to pay for any camp fee. However, being a volunteer/chaperon, you must serve the camp under the instructions from the operation team.  You are there to serve the camp to keep the whole camp safe, not to be there to look after your own child/ren.  All volunteers/chaperons will be assigned to help bunks that his/her child/ren are not in.  For example: If your child is in A bunk (youngest), you will be assigned to oversees older groups, such as C or D bunk.  The whole camp will have morning exercise and three meals each day all together at the same time.  So, you will still be around your child at some point.  But, please refrain from any interaction with your own child because there are always many other young campers who come to the camp their first time.  We prohibit favoritism at camp because it will upset young campers whose parent can’t volunteer at camp.

Q:  Can I sleep with my camper at night?
A:  All volunteers/chaperons are assigned with their own room sharing with another volunteer/chaperon.

Q:  Can I take my child for a break during camp?
A:  No.  All campers must stay with their group at night and must be under supervision of their Counselor or assigned Leadership Camper and/or teacher/volunteer at all times.  Parents are not allowed to remove a camper without first notifying the Counselor/Teacher at anytime during the period of camp once he/she has checked-in to camp, including the very first day after check-in.  Once your child checked-in, they are under our supervision until after the Graduation on Sat.

Q:  My son has food allergy issues, so we would like to know is there any in-house nurse, EMS or CPR trained person stationed in the camp for the whole week?
A:  We have a NY registered nurse to stay at camp during the whole camp week.

Q:  My son is allergic to certain foods. What is the plan to handle those kids who have food allergies?
A:  On the first day at camp, our nurse and the director will look through the camper’s medical form.  We will identify those who have food allergies.  We will interview the campers to understand what kind of food allergy and we will make arrangements to have the campers stay away from any food that they are allergic to. If your camper/s need special food arrangement, you may provide the meals and we will keep them refrigerated and safe in our kitchen, and heat them up for your camper/s in each meal.

Q:  What time parents should arrive on Saturday to pick up?
A:  We will send an email in mid week to confirm the pick up time with more detailed instructions.

Q:  Do Leadership Program Campers receive a Community Service Certificate after the camp?
A:  Yes, On the Graduation Day, our camp directors will present a certificate that states the camper has served 40 hours at camp.

I hope the above Q & A helps some of you to learn more about our camp.  Besides, the above, I also want to mention that please only mail in the registration form with payment by regular mail.  Don’t mail in with any kind of priority mail or certify mail.  It will only complicate the process because our registrar may not be available to pick up the mail in time, and the mail will be returned to sender.  If you send it in by regular mail, it will be in the mail box waiting for the registrar to pick up.

Once our registrar processes the registration, she will send an email confirmation to you.  So, please fill out the online form on the computer, and then print and mail.  Please don’t print and hand fill the form.  If we can’t see your email address clearly due to the confusion sometimes happen on handwriting, we will not be able to send you future announcements by email.  Your email address is very important for our future communications.  Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, you may email